Street Racing and Exhibition of Speed in Arizona

Speeding in Arizona could lead to more than just a ticket, depending on the circumstances. If law enforcement has reason to believe that you were engaging in acts of street racing or an exhibition of speed, you could face serious consequences – especially if you are classified as a repeat offender. A criminal defense attorney in Arizona can help you defend your rights if you are facing these charges.

What Is the Definition of Street Racing and Exhibition of Speed in Arizona?

The crime of “racing on highways” is defined in Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) § 28-708 as to “drive a vehicle or participate in any manner in a race, speed competition or contest, drag race or acceleration contest, test of physical endurance or exhibition of speed or acceleration or for the purpose of making a speed record on a street or highway.”

This statute permits law enforcement to stop someone and charge the driver with racing if the driver is displaying an exhibition of speed that appears to be in contest with someone else, such as another speeding driver. Even if the driver is alone and not racing another vehicle, however, his or her actions could still meet Arizona’s legal definition of racing on highways.

An “exhibition of speed” has a broad definition. It can refer to any motor vehicle acceleration done to compare speed or power with someone else. It can also refer to vehicle acceleration to set a new record or simply to “show off” a vehicle. Under this loose definition, a driver can be charged with this offense for many actions that may not traditionally appear to be street racing.

Penalties for a Street Racing or Exhibition of Speed Crime in Arizona

A person who is convicted of street racing or exhibition of speed in Arizona is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. This offense can be penalized in various ways, including:

  • A fine of at least $250 and up to $2,500, plus surcharges
  • Community service (restitution)
  • A jail sentence of up to six months
  • Probation for up to three years
  • Driver’s license suspension of up to 90 days
  • Eight points assessed against the driver’s license
  • Mandatory traffic school

If a person is convicted of a second or subsequent violation of this law within two years of the first, it is escalated to a class 6 felony.

How an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

If you are accused of street racing, drag racing or exhibition of speed violations in Arizona, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area for advice and representation. Your lawyer can provide legal assistance to help you navigate the laws surrounding your charges.

An attorney can personalize a defense strategy for your unique case, such as:

  • Lack of intent to set a speed record or show off your vehicle
  • Speeding out of necessity
  • Improper police procedure
  • Constitutional rights violations
  • Mistaken identity/wrong defendant
  • Insufficient evidence for a conviction

An attorney can evaluate the case against you to search for weaknesses in the prosecutor’s argument. It may be possible for your lawyer to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution to diminish the charges or penalties that you face. If necessary, your attorney can represent you in court and present evidence to defend your rights.

Request a free consultation with a street racing and exhibition of speed defense attorney in Arizona today for more information. Contact Corso Law Group.

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