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Navigating the bustling streets of Scottsdale, Arizona is not without its frustrations. Slow-moving traffic or a string of red lights could lead you to allegedly violate some of the state’s roadway rules. Almost every driver has disobeyed a roadway law at one point or another and, of course, some get caught.

If law enforcement recently stuck you with traffic violations such as speeding, getting caught by photo radar enforcement, distracted driving, or some other infraction, it is worth fighting the ticket or charges. The Arizona traffic ticket attorney at Corso Law Group will help you explore your options. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in Scottsdale, Arizona

If you believe you’re better off fighting a traffic violation than accepting the penalties, you must plead “not guilty” during your initial court appearance. Our Arizona traffic lawyer, Christopher Corso will appear on your behalf to plead not guilty. The court process and understanding the procedure once you are issued a citation is a common problem. The possibility of missing a hearing or pleading guilty will hurt your chances of fighting the charge. Pleading “not guilty” will result in a court hearing in the county where you received the ticket. This is your chance to have an Arizona traffic attorney argue in court that you are not guilty of the ticket in question.

It is highly recommended to retain  Scottsdale defense lawyers to fight your charges. You will need certain elements of proof for the judge to take your argument seriously. For example, testimony from an eyewitness that you did not commit any traffic offenses. Representing yourself can be dangerous, as just one mistake can lead to the courts finding you guilty or responsible. Arizona defense attorneys can greatly improve your chances of a desirable outcome when fighting traffic offenses or other penalties.

How can a Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer Help?

In the state of Arizona, it does not offer a court-appointed attorney for legal cases revolving traffic. Since the state does not supply you with a traffic violation attorney, you will be expected to legally represent yourself in Arizona unless you hire an Arizona traffic ticket lawyer. At the time of your hearing, you will get the chance to:

  • Conduct legal arguments about the law.
  • Call upon witnesses related to your traffic case.
  • Present any other traffic matter evidence.
  • Ask questions to a police department representative.

If you’re facing potential jail time from the severity of your infraction, definitely retain an Arizona traffic violations attorney. There is too much on the line to self-represent.

The Arizona traffic attorneys at Corso Law Group have represented thousands of clients and won thousands of traffic cases involving traffic tickets, and will guide you toward your desired outcome in the Arizona courts. Whether you want to fight a regular speeding ticket or avoid getting points on your commercial driver’s license, our Arizona traffic ticket and CDL violation attorneys can help.

How Much Is A Speeding Ticket in Arizona?

It can be difficult to tell right off the bat the cost of an Arizona speeding ticket will be once pulled over. If you have just been pulled over by a police officer in Arizona, then you are are the mercy of that officer for the moment. For the most part, officers in Arizona follow a formula for calculating the price of the speeding ticket depending on the speed and other circumstances. Check your traffic ticket to view specific fees and charges. Many times, you may have your speeding ticket dismissed with the completion of traffic survival school or by attending a defensive driving course with an additional charge. Usually, driving 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit isn’t grounds for getting pulled over, but the penalties and consequences are quick to rise.

A Defense Attorney Can Help You Challenge Unforeseen Costs & Charges

Other than the original fine on the citation, there are many other things that you could end up paying for. Which is why it is important to understand the different financial factors to keep in mind. Our Arizona traffic violation lawyers can make sure you get the guidance you need.

  • The minimum price of a speeding ticket over 10 miles per hour over the speed limit begins at a fine of $250 and usually raises by $50 for every 5 miles per hour over 10.
  • Anything 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, the fine can go up to as much as $200.00 more and the driver at fault can potentially experience license suspension or is revoked temporarily.
  • If given the option to reduce penalties with traffic school, the fees to attend Arizona driving school include the State fee of $20, a State Surcharge of $45, and the actual defensive driving school course fee of $40.
  • Other than the physical dollar amount you can suffer the costs by having to take time off work to attend court, additional court fines if you lose, defense attorney fees, and even potentially higher auto insurance rates.

Average Arizona Traffic Ticket Prices by Top 5 Counties (2018)

How to Check if You Are Eligible for Defensive Arizona Driving School?

In the state of Arizona you there could be a variety of requirements to be eligible for defensive driving school. It is important to keep in mind the time and what your exact traffic violation is. Below are the requirements citizens must follow in order to request traffic school.

Eligibility Requirements for Taking a Defensive Driving Course (For Arizona Residents)

  • You must NOT have attended a defensive driving course for a traffic citation in Arizona in the past 12 months.
  • Your traffic ticket must be on the list of eligible violations. Click here to view a list of traffic violations.
  • If your ticket led to a serious injury accident or fatal accident, you are not eligible.
  • Your course must be completed no later than seven days prior to your court date.
  • You may take the class in person in a classroom or online from the comfort of your own home.
  • If you hold a commercial driver’s license you are not eligible for driving school, unless the violation occurred before the driver obtained his or her CDL.

When Is Fighting an Arizona Traffic Violation Worth It?

Demerit points, fines, court fees, and increased insurance company premiums are all possible results in any traffic allegation. With these issues on the line, it is worthwhile to go up against Arizona law enforcement. This might be the case if you’re facing serious traffic ticket charges such as criminal speeding or hit-and-run, which can come with penalties like jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. You may also want to fight a citation if you already have points on your driving record for previous infractions. Your ticket will outline your specific penalties for breaking a roadway rule. In Arizona, the Department of Motor Vehicles will add anywhere from two to eight points to a driver’s license, depending on the nature of the violation (e.g., three points for speeding, eight points for driving under the influence, and reckless driving). After a certain number of points, you risk losing your license.

Contact an Arizona Traffic Ticket Lawyer Today

Fighting a traffic violation charge with the help of an Arizona traffic ticket lawyer may help you avoid going to traffic school, paying higher insurance premiums, and addressing a hefty ticket. Our attorneys have helped many people get a desirable outcome. Call our office today at  (480) 471-4616 for a free consultation.

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“I consulted this law firm to help me with a traffic citation. I was extremely anxious and concerned and did not know what to expect. After speaking with one of the owners, Mr. Chris Corso, I realized I was in safe hands…”

-Debbie H.

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