Phoenix Marijuana Lawyer

Marijuana has become the most used drug in America, and keeping up with Arizona’s marijuana laws is difficult. You may think you’re within the law, only to face arrest on the grounds of illegal marijuana possession. Even if you were knowingly breaking the state’s laws, you may not deserve the type of treatment or penalties you’re currently facing. Our aggressive Phoenix marijuana attorneys will help level the playing field in a criminal case involving marijuana possession. Count on Corso Law Group for trustworthy legal help during this tumultuous time for you and your family.

Arizona’s Marijuana Laws

As of 2010, medical marijuana is legal in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act led to the creation of a medical marijuana program. Currently, almost 90,000 people participate in this program. Although possessing marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal, it comes with certain rules and requirements. A patient may possess a maximum of 2.5 ounces of marijuana for personal use, only with a written certification from a doctor. To qualify under the medical marijuana program, a patient must require relief from symptoms of certain conditions, such as cancer.

Possession of marijuana for recreational use remains illegal in Arizona. No amount of marijuana for recreational use is legal to possess, sell, or distribute. Police can make an arrest for illegal marijuana possession, cultivation, production, sale, delivery, paraphernalia, or driving under the influence of marijuana. Punishments for simple possession range from probation with up to 1 year in jail, to 4 months, to almost 6 years in prison depending on the amount, and any criminal history. Possession with intent to sell is a more serious offense, and may result in probation with up to 1 year in jail, or a prison term of 1 to 35 years in prison. Fines of up to $150,000 may result from a marijuana possession conviction.

Although Phoenix recognizes medical marijuana as legal, it is still an illicit controlled substance according to the federal government. While it is rare for the federal government to involve itself in minor marijuana cases, a person could face federal charges of marijuana possession. The likelihood of federal intervention increases with large-scale drug busts and cases involving a great deal of marijuana. Federal penalties for marijuana possession can range from a misdemeanor with up to one-year incarceration to a felony with a $4,000,000 fine and 10 years to life in prison.

Why Retain Our Phoenix Marijuana Attorneys?

Marijuana possession is a seemingly innocuous crime that could result in serious ramifications for the perpetrator. The state could make you a scapegoat to discourage others from similar actions, and increase the charges against you without merit. Do not leave yourself in the hands of a court-ordered attorney or public defender. Consult Corso Law Group of Scottsdale for representation that truly cares about the outcome of your case. Our team of marijuana attorneys in Phoenix will investigate your arrest and develop a strong defense strategy. Our team will work tirelessly to reduce or completely dismiss the charges against you.

Defenses for marijuana possession include that the drugs belonged to someone else, you weren’t aware the drugs were in your possession, an individual planted the drugs, the police performed an unlawful search and seizure, the drugs in question are missing during the trial, or that law enforcement entrapped you. Consult our attorneys for a more in-depth discussion about potential defense tactics in your marijuana possession case.