Phoenix Theft Lawyer

Arizona law defines “theft” as knowingly controlling, converting, or obtaining the property of another without lawful authority. The laws regarding theft are intricate, with very specific definitions for what constitutes this crime. The penalties range from probation up to 10 years, possible incarceration from six months of jail time to 12.5 years in the Department of Corrections, to fines from $2,500 to $150,000, depending on the monetary value of the item stolen. A misdemeanor or felony conviction for theft will greatly impact a person’s life. Corso Law Group’s Phoenix theft attorneys will fight for clients facing theft charges in Phoenix.

Phoenix Theft Laws and Penalties

In the Grand Canyon State, theft of an item or service valued at less than $1,000 is a misdemeanor. This is the lowest level of theft in the state, called “petty theft.” A conviction can land an individual in Scottsdale jail for up to six months, possible probation up to 3 years, and fines up to $2,500. If someone steals directly from a person, steals a firearm, or steals an animal for the purpose of animal fighting, the courts may bump the charge up to a class 6 felony, even if the value of the item was under $1,000. Items between $1,000 and $25,000 come with charges ranging from class 6 to class 2 felonies, with class 2 being the most serious. And with a prior conviction, penalties continue to increase.

Criminal penalties for theft in Phoenix can change an individual’s life. A jail sentence, hefty fines, or restitution payments can leave a person bankrupt, jobless, and cut off from friends and family. A strong criminal defense team will help those facing theft charges. Corso Law Group will thoroughly investigate a case, work closely with the client, and construct the ideal defense strategy for each unique situation. We are a team of Phoenix theft lawyers to be counted on. You are in control of your case. It is rare, but we expect you to hold us accountable for the work we provide. That is how confident we are, and you will be, in our ability to fight and succeed for you.

Legal Defenses to Theft in Phoenix

With decades of experience in prosecution and criminal defense, Corso Law Group has handled thousands of cases involving petty to felony theft. Our team knows what to expect in a criminal trial, and how to build a winning defense. You may be able to argue that you obtained the property in question under a “claim of right.” This means that you did not intentionally steal the item or service. A good faith claim to the specific piece of property does not qualify as theft, even if the person did not have the legal right to take the item. The prosecution has to prove intent.

Any case where a victim is involved or a civilian witness, is very difficult for the prosecution, because victims are historically unreliable witnesses, and theft crimes are no exception. Having been a supervising prosecutor, training and instructing many attorneys in Phoenix, Mr. Corso understands the issues the government has and will use that knowledge to your advantage, and make it very difficult for the government to succeed. Your legal team will develop strategies to either fight the charges, argue the charge down to a lesser offense, or reduce the penalties for the offense upon conviction. Do not fight theft charges in Phoenix alone. Contact Corso Law Group today.