Phoenix Drug Trafficking Lawyer

The state of Arizona maintains that illegal drug activity costs the state thousands of dollars in legal and medical expenses every year. It disrupts the state’s workforce, wastes valuable resources, increases crime rates, and puts the health and safety of citizens at risk. The myriad threats controlled substances pose make them a sizable target for law enforcement. The sale, transportation, and trafficking of drugs are three of the most serious drug charges an individual could face in Phoenix. The state will jump at the chance to punish those allegedly involved in drug distribution – even if the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Contact an experienced Phoenix drug trafficking lawyer at the Corso Law Group for dedicated, experienced representation that will protect your rights and ensure a fair trial.

How to Defend Against Drug Trafficking Charges in Phoenix

To convict an individual of drug possession with intent to sell, distribute, or transport, the arresting officer must have evidence that the individual knowingly possessed the drugs and had the intent to sell them. These accusations often rely heavily on presumptions – for example, the presumption by an officer that a large quantity of a certain drug must be for sale instead of personal use. Our team can potentially use these presumptions to lessen the charges against the individual. The prosecution must prove five elements to convict someone of this crime:

  1. The individual sold, administered, or transported an illegal controlled substance.
  2. The individual knew they were in possession of the substance.
  3. The individual knew that the substance was illegal.
  4. The substance found was in fact an illegal drug.
  5. The controlled substance found is in a usable amount.

Our team of Phoenix drug trafficking lawyers will attack all elements to show that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to convict our client. A defense strategy could be to prove that the individual wasn’t aware of the drug’s presence – for instance, if the drugs belonged to another, or if someone else brought the drugs into the home or vehicle without the defendant’s knowledge. Another defense could be that the arresting officer broke protocol during the drug search and seizure. Our legal team will go over common defense tactics for drug-related crimes, and decide which might help you the most. We are known for our ability to think outside the box in developing creative defense strategies.

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Developing a strong defense may require lab analyses, expert testimony, forensic investigation, and other actions. Corso Law Group has the resources to create a defense strategy according to each client’s unique situation. If you are facing charges for the sale or transportation of controlled substances in Phoenix, you may be at risk of a felony conviction, prison time, and drastic fines. Our team of attorneys could be the only thing standing between you and a dismal future at the hands of the law.

The justice system is often quick to convict and punish those involved in drug-related crimes in Arizona. You require a drug trafficking lawyer to help keep things fair in the criminal courtroom. Corso Law Group has years of experience representing clients in similar situations. Our prosecution experience also allows for inside knowledge of the government’s strategy in prosecuting you. We are prepared to handle your case with the utmost professionalism. To speak with one of our lead attorneys in a free consultation, visit our Contact Us page and submit the form. One of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

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