The Law and Self Defense

“Affluenza” is Real and the State Made a Terrible Mistake About It

How to Hire a Defense Attorney

Netflix “Making a Murderer” and the Problem of Forensics

What you need to know about Civil Forfeiture Laws

Understanding the Oregon Standoff

10 Steps to Choosing the Right Defense Attorney

Apple & the FBI

Corso Law Group’s Approach on Handling a Felony

Pleading the 5th and the Martin Shkreli Case

Sporting Events & DWIs

Sheriffs Creating Volunteer Posses

Microsoft Privacy Lawsuit

Microsoft Privacy Lawsuit (Part 2)

Tom Brady’s Deflation Scandal

Police Gain Greater Access to Phone w/ No Search Warrant

Cinco de Mayo DWIs in Texas and Across the Nation

Review Attorneys

Civil Society or Chaos

Watch Out for Black Out Wednesday

What to know when you’re pulled over by Police

The Right to Protest

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