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Corso Law Group has been at the forefront of defending photo enforcement for over a decade. Fighting photo enforcement either with or without a police officer present is a deep passion of founder and traffic ticket lawyer Christopher P. Corso. He firmly believes that photo enforcement violates many of our constitutional rights as Americans such as Due Process and Equal Protection. Our law firm has personally won thousands of photo enforcement cases and was instrumental in having the cameras removed from Arizona’s major highways. He has since taken the fight to the cities and municipalities that are continuing to operate photo cameras.

After winning hundreds of photo cases in cities such as El Mirage and Paradise Valley, they have been forced to remove many cameras, due to the increasing expense of court proceedings and fewer convictions. As long as the photo enforcement remains, the photo radar ticket attorneys at Corso Law Group will continue to fight and WIN, protecting your insurance rates, preventing traffic school, and saving you money.

The City of Scottsdale was one of the first in Arizona to incorporate photo radar technology as a substitute for typical law enforcement red light tickets. The Scottsdale Photo Enforcement Program, as well as many other jurisdictions, has ticketed drivers for red-light running and speeding since 1996. There are numerous spots throughout the city that use photo enforcement via speed vans, portable towers, and fixed cameras. These technologies have the power to clock drivers’ speeds recognize red-light runners, and then send a speeding violation through the mail using photographs of the offender’s license plates.

If you recently received a speeding ticket in Arizona or any other jurisdiction, contact our Arizona photo radar attorneys about potentially fighting the charges and saving your driving record. Contact our office today or on the phone to schedule free consultations for you or your loved ones.

Common Defenses to Photo Radar Cases

Many people think that since the radar equipment captured photographs or other data of the offense, it’s impossible to argue against the charges. After all, the city has hard evidence…right? Wrong. It is possible to defend against a photo radar citation, even if the city has a photo of your vehicle running red lights or exceeding the posted speed limit. There may be other factors involved that make this evidence inadmissible.

Common defenses for these traffic violations in Arizona are:

  1. The defendant wasn’t driving. Photo radar tickets operate under the assumption that the owner of the vehicle was the person driving at the time of the photograph. This destroys the presumption of innocence that the criminal justice system is supposed to maintain.
  2. The equipment is unreliable. An investigation could show that the equipment was faulty, poorly maintained, not calibrated correctly, or simply lacked scientific reliability. This would make any “evidence” of the traffic offenses the camera gathered defective and inadmissible in court.
  3. The equipment denies your right to question witnesses. Drivers receive a photo radar ticket citation days or weeks after the fact. This eliminates the possibility of cross-examining adversarial witnesses. This point could lead to the courts throwing out the case.
  4. All citations must be served on the individual. Citations through the mail CANNOT be enforced. The service laws and requirements are complicated and must be handled by traffic violation attorneys who have a vast knowledge of the law related to service and experience defending the issue of service. Corso Law Group has developed a system to combat the unreliable, untrustworthy process service in Arizona. Please contact Corso Law Group if you have received a citation in the mail, because chances are, the traffic ticket may be invalid.

Other potential defenses could involve a lack of signage, incorrect traffic light signal timing, photo evidence manipulation, and lack of a fair trial. Exhaust all your defense options with our photo radar traffic ticket attorneys before agreeing to pay a fine for a violation you don’t believe you deserve. Whether you owe $40 or $400 for your violation, it may be worthwhile to stand up for your rights in a Scottsdale civil court case.

Fight Against Photo Radar Traffic Violations in Arizona

Arizona photo enforcement equipment is more aggressive than similar programs in many other cities. As such, they give out more traffic violation charges and tickets. Red light violations and other traffic citation causes are especially common in school zones, where the city’s 10-mile-per-hour buffer that exists elsewhere does not apply. Many drivers don’t realize that in school zones the buffer is only five miles per hour. If you’re one of many who has received a ticket from photo enforcement programs using fixed cameras or towers, you may be able to fight your ticket and win. Our firm wants to help.

Corso Law Group has helped thousands of Scottsdale citizens, and citizens in every municipality who operate photo enforcement systems, and have argued against photo radar citations for over a decade. . We understand the laws, protocols, and common practices surrounding these traffic control devices. Our traffic violations attorney has seen thousands of cases where the judge dismissed the traffic ticket violations due to an error or miscalculation. We will help you explore your opportunities after receiving a photo enforcement/radar traffic violation. Call (480) 471-4616 or visit us online to schedule a free case evaluations with your traffic cases or license suspension.


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