I have been convinced that I was not just a client here; They follow the tradition of old fashioned lawyers who are genuinely interested in helping you

If you have not had the best experience with lawyers or may not hold a high opinion of attorneys as many who are reluctant in who to trust, give this office a call. I think you will find that you will see a firm that is very different from the moment you first make contact. I certainly did. It will be my go-to law firm for anything I may need. I was a victim of the system and they were going to make it right. They did.

Richard A. - Mesa, AZ
If I ever need legal representation for anything that they provide services for I will go back to them. I highly recommend them

I was arrested for DUI and these attorneys took my case. When you get an attorney for a DUI you are buying piece of mind and sound legal representation and advice. You are not buying a "Get out of jail free card". That being said, I was happy overall with my representation and know that I got the best representation I could afford. I ended up getting what the other guy who went before me in court with a public defender did. The minimum. My court date fell in the middle of a vacation and could not "reschedule" the court date without any legal help.They were affordably priced and treated me with the utmost respect. At the time, I was 24, and they called me sir and gave me truly exceptional service. They tried everything they could to get it reduced, but I had made a lot of mistakes when I was pulled over (admission of drinking, poor field sobriety test, etc).

Trent N. - Peoria, AZ
If you are looking for a reasonable, caring and trustworthy law firm, Corso Law Group is the law firm you want on your case!

I can't say enough how happy I am to have found Corso Law Group. I hired them for a criminal traffic case. I experienced top notch customer service throughout the entire process of my case. I never felt like I was being left in the dark or being avoided. Like I have felt in the past with previous law firms. They have amazing knowledge of the law and their experience really shows in the court room. They don't make unrealistic promises to get you in the door. They give you realistic solutions and always steer you in the right direction. They walked me through the court process and I'm very pleased with the results of my case.

Ashley M. - Scottsdale, AZ
This is such a great company with such a caring team!

The Owner personally handles cases and truely cares about each and every one of his clients. Mr. Corso is an excellent communicator. He will keep you updated on your case every step of the way. He really cares - you will see that from the moment you call the firm to the very end of your case and beyond. With his prosecutor background and years of experience coupled with his passion for fighting for his clients, you could not have a better representative. If you or someone you know ever needs an attorney, call Corso Law Group!

Megan H. - Scottsdale, AZ
Corso Law Group could not guarantee a win but a win was achieved

The attorney, assigned to my civil traffic photo radar violation of failing to stop for a red light, did excellent work convincing the court to dismiss the charge against me. Thank Corso Law Group.

Unknown - Mesa, AZ
Just wanted to say thank you

Your law firm will get good reviews from me. Everyone was so nice. I know loads of people and I'll make sure to put the good word out. Thanks

Amy S. - Tucson, AZ
I can say that Mr. Corso and his colleagues were wonderful, supportive, and very dedicated

I consulted this law firm to help me with a traffic citation. I was extremely anxious and concerned and did not know what to expect. After speaking with one of the owners, Mr. Chris Corso, I realized I was in safe hands.. Mr. Corso explained the details and process of my case and continued to monitor my case until it was resolved. I was very impressed with the level of communication and professional advice he gave me. I continued to work with one of the firms associate lawyers and received personalized and prompt attention to my case. My case was resolved in a timely and professional manner. I found the firm to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous and attentive.

Debbie H. - Arizona
I had a great experience with this law firm!

I recommend them to everyone. My legal team was experienced and worked hard for me. If you need a lawyer consider this firm. I liked the fact that they were dependable and always had the answers. I was living out of state at the time and it was important for me that I knew my lawyer and team had everything under control. Thank You

Brent - Arizona
His office staff was great and he exceed my expectations
David - Arizona
Best law group in town!

The entire team was extremely supportive in dealing with a challenging issue. Highly recommend.

E.F. - Arizona
The best lawyer in town.

I used this law firm and had a great experience. Great guys, owner stayed late and met with me when I hired. Took the time to explain. A real motivating group, they work hard at what they do. My attorney sat with me for over an hour. No consultation fee at all. Definitely keeping this phone number on my favorites. Thanks for all the hard work. Case Dismissed.

Sandra R. - Peoria, Arizona
I was in trouble and Corso Law Group helped me out.

Professional firm, never used a lawyer before. If you’re looking for a great lawyer call these guys. Highly recommended.
I was facing a difficult situation in Scottsdale court. Never used a lawyer before. FIRST TIMERS LISTEN UP!! Corso Law Group was helpful and listened to my side of the story. If you are looking for a great lawyer try this firm out. Highly recommended by me.

Shannon M. - Scottsdale, Arizona
I called Corso Law Group and explained my legal problem.

If I didn’t get help I was going to lose my job. They immediately took my case and was able to clear up my situation. They put my life back on track and I highly recommend them!

Tim J. - Peoria, Arizona
By far the best decision I ever made for me and my family.

I never knew a law firm could care the way they do. I could never imagine using anyone else!

Mike H. - Peoria, Arizona
Great law firm

Hired Corso Law Group to help me with my legal problem. They treated me professionally and got the job done. No smoke and mirrors, fair price and they did what they said they were going to do. I highly recommend this firm. Even met with one of the owners, who took the time to explain everything to me. First class… Thanks guys. Job well done.

JAMES T. - Scottsdale, Arizona
Corso Law Group represented me in family court recently.

My ex was trying to take my child from me. The family law team at this firm took care of everything. They were so helpful and kept my family together. They listened to me! Imagine that, I am so thankful. Recommend this law group.

Bella O. – Peoria, Arizona
Corso Law Group are very professional, and their service and follow through is second to none.

We have referred friends, colleagues, and family to them over the years, and all have had good experiences. They can be trusted, they are good people, and they will help you, that is what it really is all about, people need that help, and they deliver!

Brad W. – Scottsdale, Arizona
Looking for the best? You’ve got it right here. Professional, experienced, honest and confident.

They truly care and are here to help you no matter what your case is. The lady at the front desk was great and I got to talk with the owner and meet him personally and I have no doubt I’m dealing with the best. There is no need to look anywhere else, you’ve just armed yourself with the biggest gun to defend yourself with, and you only paid for a value meal.

Shawn H. – Glendale, California
Used Corso Law Group again and got another dismissal.

They keep treating me right and getting results. If you are needing a great law firm try this firm out. They avoid all the b/s and walked me through the process once again. It actually was fun watching them make the states lawyer uncomfortable in court. The best part of the whole experience is how my lawyer stayed with me throughout the process. Waited with me at court and literally stood talking with her in the parking lot. That is service. She made sure every detail was resolved and that I understood what had just happened in court. I trust Corso Law Group and you should also. I have used them on a criminal ticket, a civil law suit and my DUI. Better every time!

William S. - Scottsdale, Arizona
Everything about my experience with Corso Law Group exceeded my expectations.

I received a ticket via photo radar for doing 41mph in a 40mph zone based on posted signage. There was conflicting signage posted for a 30mph zone but the conditions for this speed were not in effect so the ticket should not have been issued.

I believed that if I went to court to fight this I would have won but considering my personal situation and schedule, the time it would take to go to court, the morning traffic which would require that I left my home at 6am to make sure I arrived before my 8am hearing time, the aggravation and not being comfortable representing myself in a hearing with a judge I decided to call an expert. The reasonable fee was well worth it to avoid the time and stress involved had I represented myself.

Initially, I spoke with Megan Hawkins and she was highly informative and very professional. After Megan collected my information I received a call from Chris Corso. We discussed the details of my case over the phone and Chris described his strategy for representing me. Chris checked in with me a week prior to my court date to follow up and make sure all details were in order. I knew Chris was highly prepared and I felt very well taken care of and, best of all, we accomplished everything over the phone.

I had a concern the day before my court date and I called Chris for clarification. He returned my call promptly, he is a great listener and was always patient with my questions. Chris made sure I was comfortable. My case was not a big money maker for Chris but he made me feel like I was his top priority.

Within 30 minutes after the court hearing I received a call from Megan with the good news that my case was dismissed. Absolutely everything about my experience with Corso Law Group exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend Corso Law Group and Chris Corso.

Posted to Yelp 11/04/2018: 5 Stars
They handled my case with complete professionalism and with the utmost urgency

They were absolutely AMAZING! They handled my case with complete professionalism and with the utmost urgency. I will definitely be recommending to anyone and everyone I know. If you need an outstanding attorney this is the place I would highly recommend!

Posted to Google 7/18/2020: 5 Stars
I HIGHLY recommend Corso Law Group to anyone seeking legal help

The case dragged on for 9 more months. During this time Mr. Corso personally called me to give me a peace of mind and updated me on everything involving my case. He saved me from unnecessary trips to the court house and was a pure assassin on the paperwork presented to him involving my case. I was able to be present in the court room as he stood before the judge, highway patrolman, and prosecutor and defended me. His professionalism was outstanding.I knew I had picked the right person and after the case I walked out with a huge weight off of my shoulders and a simple civil charge. I’d also like to give a quick shout out to Megan for her timely and well informed emails and phone calls to me. I HIGHLY recommend Corso Law Group to anyone seeking legal help.

Posted to Google 5/2020: 5 Stars
Within a matter of a couple of months they were able to get my ticket completely dismissed

I just wanted to compliment Corso Law Group on the hard work they put into my case. Within a matter of a couple of months they were able to get my ticket completely dismissed. I was pleased with their quick response and effective work in handling my case. Thank you Corso Group.

Posted to Google 6/2020: 5 Stars
The Corso Law Group has given my family amazing representation

The Corso Law Group has given my family amazing representation. Mr. Chris Corso and his general manager, Megan were a pleasure and kept us confident. I recommend you contact Corso Law wholeheartedly for the best guidance available.

Posted to Google 4/2020: 5 Stars
I highly recommend this firm

WORTH EVERY PENNY. Husband has his CDLA & the citation was going to have a serious adverse affect on his driving record. Mr. Corso appeared for my husband, fought the case in trial & the case was dismissed. No Fine, No points on driving record. Did not have to appear in Court, saved us from taking off work & making a 5 hour drive each way. Mr. Corso took time to speak with me personally before we retained him & called to discuss the case 2 days before he appeared at the trial. Megan was wonderful in communicating every step of the process & she called as soon as Mr. Corso got out of Court to let us know the results. I highly recommend this firm. As I said above, Worth Every Penny.

Posted to Google 3/2020: 5 Stars
Best firm in Arizona

Best firm in Arizona moved out of state found out the previous firm I had lied to me and case was still open Mr Corso and Megan Hawkins took care of everything. No charges no court appearance couldn’t be happier.

Posted to Google 5/2020: 5 Stars
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