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Christopher P. Corso has an inside perspective to how the government operates, thinks and what it takes to gain the desired outcome.


You will receive an intro call from the attorney handling the case. That will be the lead attorney working with the entire team in the firm.


Selection of Juries, witness examination, motion wins and favorable trial rulings. Our attorneys think quickly on their feet to read a jury and judge

Over 3,500
Trial Victories

With our 35 years combined experience, we have won over 3,500 trial victories and over 5,000 case reductions. We win and win often.

Phoenix criminal defense lawyers ready to fight for you

When you find yourself on the wrong side of the justice system, you need a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who believes in you. Strong legal representation during the criminal defense process can make all the difference in the outcome of your trial. Your team of attorneys can help keep things fair and unbiased against you. Whether you’re facing charges for driving under the influence, violent crimes or you have a traffic ticket you need to fight, you must contact Corso Law Group. Our criminal defense lawyers will provide a strong support system, and the fight to gain the desired outcome.

Innocent until proven guilty is a concept that has become lost on the government.

Christopher Corso, founder of Corso Law Group, and a former Maricopa County Supervising Prosecutor understands both prosecution and defense. In a circumstance where gaining any advantage possible is crucial, having an asset of a former prosecutor, who trained and instructed many prosecuting attorneys, is invaluable. Corso will skillfully advocate for the rights of his clients. He understands what prosecutors need to prove their case, and how they build cases against defendants. He will utilize this knowledge to build a strong defense. He and his team of criminal defense lawyers in Phoenix are committed to protecting the rights of clients in any kind of legal trouble, and they have the background and resources to do so successfully.

Why choose us

We have the experience and passion to fight for our client’s rights and achieving the ultimate goal.

Communication & Responsiveness
Communication & Responsiveness

We discuss and implement a communication plan with every client. We are available to answer phone or return call 24/7.

Reputation for excellence
Reputation for excellence

As established criminal defense attorneys, we work to get the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Experience & Knowledge of the Law
Experience & Knowledge of the Law

We’re skilled in criminal law and will focus our attention on every single detail of your case.

Personal Service - Being your Voice
Personal Service - Being your Voice

We’re a firm that actually cares about you and what happens to you. Corso Law Group is an advocate for you.

Commitment to delivering the fairest results

At Corso Law Group, we firmly believe in a personal touch with our clients. In a criminal law case, the alleged offender can feel the entire court system is against them. Being a defendant can be a very lonely experience. With the right law firm, this does not need to be the case. We make sure our clients know that we are there for them every step of the way. From developing a tactical defense strategy to guiding them through the legal process, they are never alone. A strong defense starts with a partnership between attorney and client.

Without trust, there will be no success!

Once our team understands our client and their unique situation, we will get to work immediately building a sound defense. Our staff understands every nuance of Arizona law, and will educate our clients at how the law applies to their case. We are a team, and as such, our clients participate in their representation, and are made to understand every step of the process. This structure allows for our clients to make the correct life-changing decisions from a position of calm, and knowledge.

Right now, the Arizona justice system controls your future. You could face a lifetime of repercussions if you allow the government to control you. NO ONE controls Corso Law Group, and we will not allow anyone to control you. Do not go into this process without Corso Law Group. Our team of Phoenix criminal defense attorneys will build a strong case for your rights in the face of criminal charges. We strive to understand your case and be active participants in the legal battle ahead. We work hard to fight for the best possible outcomes for each and every client.

We understand the difficult position for you and your family. We will not allow one moment to destroy your life, nor will we allow the government to push you around. No one pushes this law firm or takes advantage of our clients, because we are your voice. We have achieved success for thousands of others in your position. Allow us to work toward that goal for you.

THE FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS BEGINS NOW! Call (480) 471-4616 for legal assistance from the Corso Law Group.

What our clients
say about us

At Corso Law Group we strive to provide the best possible service and representation to all of our clients. We treat each case as the most important case we will ever handle. Our legal teams make sure that we have open lines of communication, provide realistic representation and pursue favorable outcomes for our clients.

The best lawyer in town

I used this law firm and had a great experience. Great guys, owner stayed late and met with me when I hired. Took the time to explain. A real motivating group, they work hard at what they do. My attorney sat with me for over an hour. No consultation fee at all. Definitely keeping this phone number on my favorites. Thanks for all the hard work.
Case Dismissed.

Sandrea R. - Peoria, AZ
Corso Law Group could not guarantee a win but a win was achieved

The attorney, assigned to my civil traffic photo radar violation of failing to stop for a red light, did excellent work convincing the court to dismiss the charge against me. Thank Corso Law Group.

(Name withheld) - Mesa, AZ
I can say that Mr. Corso and his colleagues were wonderful, supportive, and very dedicated

I consulted this law firm to help me with a traffic citation. I was extremely anxious and concerned and did not know what to expect. After speaking with one of the owners, Mr. Chris Corso, I realized I was in safe hands. Mr. Corso explained the details and process of my case and continued to monitor my case until it was resolved. I was very impressed with the level of communication and professional advice he gave me. I continued to work with one of the firms associate lawyers and received personalized and prompt attention to my case. My case was resolved in a timely and professional manner. I found the firm to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous and attentive.

Debbie H. - Arizona