You Ask, We Answer: 6 FAQ’s Concerning Criminal Defense Cases

When facing a legal situation where a criminal defense attorney is necessary, we understand that it can be confusing and difficult.

Preparing yourself before hand and knowing the full extent of the situation is an important factor. Here are a variety of frequently asked questions I receive from potential clients and people I speak to concerning criminal defense cases

1) How do I know if I need to hire a lawyer?

If you have been charged with a crime, you need to hire a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if the charge is for a misdemeanor or a felony, the expertise and advice of an attorney is the smartest route to take. In regards to criminal charges, a criminal defense attorney can help you to asses the situation you’re in, decide upon the most effective and efficient path to take and provide advice and tools in regards to your protection of the law.

2) How does bail work?

Your bail is a specific amount of money deposited to the court in order to secure that you will attend your court hearing. Typically, the posted bail amount is done so by a bail bond company. More importantly, a criminal defense lawyer can help their client significantly during this time period. Your attorney may have the ability to lower or waive the bail fee through negotiating with the bail bondsman on your behalf.

3) Should I be in contact with the police to try and explain my side of the story?

Absolutely not. Although we understand you just want to get across your point, it’s always safe to not say anything because legally anything you say to a police officer can be used against you in court or in a future arrest. It is always best when being questioned that you direct all questions to your attorney.

4) How much does hiring a criminal defense attorney cost?

It depends upon the law firm and your attorney. At Corso Law Group, we pride ourselves on being fair in all aspects of our careers and maintaining our focus on what the client needs. Before deciding on a firm and paying important costs, our advice is that you make sure your criminal defense attorney is not without these crucial traits.

5) How long does a criminal defense case take?

While the length of a criminal case depends on the internal matters, typically they can take anywhere from a few months to much longer. We understand that this is a difficult time for our clients, and although these are not processes that can be rushed, they are definitely processes that require great detail and focus. It is always beneficial to the client that each step is taken properly in order to create a successful outcome.

6) What is a preliminary hearing?

The preliminary hearing is described as the “trail before the trial”. This is where your attorney will be able to analyze and fully examine the case.  If your criminal defense lawyer handles the preliminary hearing successfully, it can result in a significantly positive outcome.

Please note: Attorney Christopher P. Corso is solely licensed to practice law in the state of Arizona. A criminal defense attorney solely licensed to practice law in the state of Texas will handle your Texas legal matter.

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