Top 4 Most Common Holiday Crimes

The holiday season is a time for celebration, but it is also peak season for certain crimes. Corso Law Group has identified the four most common holiday crimes and offers advice on how to protect yourself from falling victim this year.

Drunk Driving

Holiday travel means significantly more people on the roads. This year, AAA predicts 46.9 million Americans will travel over the Thanksgiving holiday alone, which is up from the high of 46.6 million in 2014. This increase, along with holiday drinking and partying over Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, leads to a rise in DUIs and DUI accidents.

Prevent a holiday DUI by being aware of popular drinking holidays, like Thanksgiving Eve and New Year’s Eve weekend, and making the proper arrangements to keep yourself and loved ones from getting behind the wheel.


This time of year, there are countless opportunities for shoplifting with crowded malls and busy store employees. National shoplifting arrests increased by 15 percent in November and December compared to the rest of the year in 2014, and one in 11 Americans has admitted to shoplifting, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention.

To protect your business from shoplifters, keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings, especially during busy shopping periods, consider hiring additional, seasonal staff and be sure to install an alarm system.

Identity Theft

With the holiday season being one of the busiest retail periods all year, there are countless opportunities for identity theft both online and in stores. Personal information, including credit card information, social security numbers, names and addresses, can all be at risk during the holidays.

Keep sensitive information safe by regularly checking credit card and bank statements and only shop online using a secure wifi network on websites that include a lock symbol by the url.


Leaving a store or mall with an armful of shopping bags is a regular occurrence during the holidays, but it also reads as an opportunity for robbers.

While shopping, keep track of your purchases and don’t leave bags unattended or in plain sight. For example, instead of keeping items in the backseat of your car, where they are easily visible, store purchases in the trunk. It’s a simple way to avoid making yourself a target.

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