Three Reasons Corso Law Group Attorneys Appreciate and Respect Our Clients

When most people hear the word criminal, a negative visual comes to mind. At Corso Law Group, we defend these criminals each and every day. Recently, I spoke with with Kevin Price of The Price of Business and discussed why I became a criminal defense attorney.

During the interview, I explained Corso Law Group’s view on how we treat our clients and why helping criminals through their situations instead of conviction has brought great benefits to everyone. Here are 3 reasons our attorneys at Corso Law Group respect our “criminals”.

1) We know they’re not bad people, they’re just in a tough position

At Corso Law Group, we believe that we represent the person, not just the client. With the wide variety of cases we defend we understand that certain situations occur without notice and definitely without intention. That’s why it’s our job to analyze and understand the client’s situation fully and from there, provide them with beneficial and smart advice. We seek to find out every piece of the puzzle through truly getting to know and understand the client.

2) We want to keep the family involved

When I was explaining to Mr. Price my reasoning behind becoming a criminal defense attorney, I placed a heavy emphasis on the families of the clients we defend. It has and always will be important to Corso Law Group that we include the family or those closest to our client in the process. This is because we know that typically, our client is not the only person experiencing trouble or confusion during this time.

3) Conviction shouldn’t be the first resort

With the shocking statistics Mr. Price was discussing, as criminal defense attorneys we want to help our clients avoid the worst case scenario. Although dependent upon each case, we never want our clients to feel trapped by the law. That’s why our job is both seek the truth and bring it to light.

A criminal defense attorney’s version of a criminal and society’s version are completely different. At Corso Law Group, we want to understand your story and help you fight to defend your rights.

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Please note: Attorney Christopher P. Corso is solely licensed to practice law in the state of Arizona. A criminal defense attorney solely licensed to practice law in the state of Texas will handle your Texas legal matter.

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