Summertime Means Arizona Boating Tickets, OUI Charges

Summertime is here and as the temperature rises, vacationers will take to the water for a fun way to stay cool. Popular summertime time activities that start as innocent fun can turn dangerous when alcohol is involved in the situation.

Operating under the influence (OUI) arrests, boating tickets, reckless operation of a watercraft, assault, drinking in public and indecent exposure are common occurrences when alcohol is added to summer activities.

According to the DUI Foundation, boat operators that have a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.10% or above are an estimated ten times more likely to die in a boating accident than a sober boater. A few drinks can have much greater physical and legal consequences than people realize.

Reckless Boating Charges

Not many people are familiar with the laws and regulations that exist when boating. Those who find themselves in violation of the law due to reckless operation of a watercraft or operating under the influence face severe consequences. Every ticket or crime committed on a body of water is considered a criminal offense, and though serious jail time may not be associated with certain offenses, individuals can be criminally convicted. Out of state boaters in particular do not realize when they pay their boating fine, they have owned up to a criminal conviction. Jail time, suspension of one’s license, fines, or revocation of boating privileges are all possible consequences boaters may face when breaking the law on the water.

“Boating can be a fun activity as long as boaters realize they have responsibilities,” said John M. Rhude, Esq. “The attorneys at Corso Law Group understand that getting carried away while on the water is easy to do, so if you find yourself in a boating violation situation, we have the knowledge to help protect you.”

According to the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Resource Center, alcohol is even more hazardous on the water than on land. The marine environment (motion, vibration, engine noise, sun, wind and spray) accelerates a drinker’s impairment. These stressors cause fatigue that make a boat operator’s coordination, judgment and reaction time decline even faster when using alcohol. Reckless operation of a watercraft and OUI (operating under the influence) are two of the main categories of tickets written most on bodies of water because no one anticipates the marine conditions accelerating their inebriation.

Scorpion Bay Marina, Humbuck Cove, Lake Havasu, the Salt River, Bartlett Lake, Saguaro Lake, Lake Pleasant and the Colorado River are some of the areas where law enforcement has increased enforcement for boaters and the public.

Other Offenses

The DUI Foundation states that when a person consumes alcohol, it affects his or her cognitive abilities and judgment. This means that it is difficult to process information, assess situations, and make proper decisions. Individuals who are unable to make proper decisions often find themselves in assault, drinking in public and indecent exposure situations. With the increasing number of social gatherings during the summer months, the risk of alcohol consumption leading to legal trouble increases at a quick rate.

“Assault, indecent exposure and drunk and disorderly charges may seem like minor offenses at the time, but they can affect you negatively later in life,” said Christopher P. Corso, Esq. “An indecent exposure charge, if not handled correctly, can result in an individual becoming a registered sex offender. No one wants to ruin their reputation and chances for future employment. Our attorneys can help restore your reputation or prevent it from damage in the first place.”

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