Powdered Alcohol to be Sold in Stores Across the Country This Summer

Powdered alcohol has been approved, despite last year’s false start, and could be available in the U.S. this summer.

On March 10, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) granted approval to Palcohol, an alcoholic powder by Arizona company Lipsmark LLC that can be added to any liquid for a custom beverage.

Palcohol was approved after scientific review from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the product’s ingredients weren’t concerning and proved no need for a legal block.

The TTB originally approved Palcohol last April, but public outcry led to a temporary repeal two weeks later.

Although Palcohol would follow the same age and distribution regulations as liquid alcohol, that hasn’t stopped several hesitant states from taking measures to keep it away.

Some passed legislation banning powdered alcohol last year, including South Carolina, Louisiana and Vermont; while others like Mississippi, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, North Dakota, New York, New Jersey and Washington are still considering taking similar action against Palcohol.

Opponents of the powder are concerned about the potential dangers of such a new, unique product. Specifically, many are afraid it will be easier to abuse and conceal, especially for minors, but Lipsmark founder, Mark Phillips, argues Palcohol is no more dangerous than liquid alcohol.

The Palcohol website addresses major concerns like snorting the powder, spiking drinks and food and overloading cocktails with the powder.

“Listen, people can snort black pepper….so do we ban it? No, just because a few goofballs use a product irresponsibly doesn’t mean you ban it,” Phillips said.

Palcohol was originally created by Phillips, an avid hiker and backpacker, with the help of scientists so that people who travel or spend time outdoors could conveniently bring their favorite drinks with them to unique destinations.

Lipsmark also has plans to make an industrial, non-ingestible Palcohol formula, in addition to its consumable rum, vodka and cocktail products, to be used for medicine, energy, travel, hospitality, manufacturing and commercial purposes.

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