Keelan Johnson Statement

Keelan and his family are pleased with today’s outcome, which allows him to focus his energy on returning to the game he loves and, most importantly, focus on being a positive role model and good citizen.

While Keelan can’t change the events of July 20, he has never denied or tried to minimize his responsibility in the events that occurred. He accepts and respects the decision of Judge Cohen and will dedicate himself to proving that he is worthy of a second chance.

Comment from Agent Josh Arnold

Keelan is a fine young man who has lived his life in a respectful and lawful manner. He regrets his actions on the night of July 20. That night, however, is not a true representation of who he is on a daily basis.

There have been several inaccuracies reported regarding Keelan, which I feel it necessary to elaborate on. First, I must say after 10 years in the sports agency business while representing well over 100 NFL athletes, Keelan is truly an ideal client. He’s honest, loyal and extremely hard working. He’s never been in any sort of trouble until this recent incident for which he accepts full responsibility. It’s my personal opinion that the events which took place the evening of his arrest were blown out of proportion, but again Keelan has never denied the fact that certain things occurred while he was simply trying to defend himself and a friend.

Prosecutor Stephanie Low’s comments, released through various media outlets, are unwarranted and erroneous. Keelan is not a college dropout. To pursue his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL it was in his best interests to forgo his final semester of college. Had he not made this difficult decision his window of opportunity to chase his dream could have easily been missed. Keelan has plans to finish his final semester of college and earn his degree this summer.

Ms. Low also misspoke in regards to Keelan being unemployed. He actually has two sources of employment – he’s currently under contract with a NFL team and, similar to other NFL athletes during their offseason, Keelan also has a job in Phoenix, which helps supplement his NFL income. Finally, Ms. Low’s statement about “not having a backup plan” is clearly unjustified given the fact Keelan currently has the two aforementioned occupations along with several other future interests and endeavors.

Keelan would like to thank his family and friends for their support. He’s looking forward to putting all of this behind him after completing the two months of probation ordered by the court.

Comment from Attorney Christopher P. Corso

We’re pleased with the outcome of today’s decision and feel that, ultimately, Judge Cohen understood that the incident was not indicative of Keelan’s character, as evidenced by his ruling of two months probation. We collected numerous eyewitness accounts and statements in support of Keelan Johnson and the facts of that evening. Those facts support our position that Keelan Johnson was defending the rights of another individual.

Judge Cohen’s decision will allow Keelan to resume his professional career, successfully complete his probation and ultimately work toward putting this incident behind him.

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