Arizona DUI Lawyers at Corso Law Group Warn Arizonans of Increased DUIs this Halloween Weekend

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Traditionally, Halloween is a time that conjures up visions of costumes, candy and trick or treating. But the Arizona DUI lawyers at Scottsdale-based Corso Law Group know Halloween can also mean something far more serious: a Halloween DUI arrest.

Christopher Corso, founder of Corso Law Group, knows from experience the dangers a holiday weekend can bring. The lawyers at his firm have more than 60 years experience prosecuting and defending DUI offenders and they know when a holiday like Halloween falls on a weekend, there will be an increase in DUI arrests.

“Halloween isn’t just for the kids,” Corso said. “Adults often celebrate too with costume parties and a night out. When this type of event takes place over a weekend, people are more willing to drink and drive, which creates a dangerous situation on Arizona roads.”

Drunk driving accidents skyrocket when holidays fall on the weekend, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. An estimated 31 percent of all fatal drunk driving accidents occur over the weekend and at night when deadly crashes are four times higher.

Saturday nights, like Halloween this year, are the most dangerous times to drive as more people, including drunk drivers, are on the road, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports. Specifically, the highest number of drunk drivers are out between midnight and 3 a.m.

“Whether you’re going out on Halloween or know your kids will be out, understand that law enforcement will be patrolling for DUIs and other traffic violations,” Corso said.

Last Halloween, police set up saturation patrols throughout the Valley during Halloween weekend, with an especially large patrol engaged in Tempe, home to thousands of students at Arizona State University and entertainment venues on Mill Avenue.

Additional patrol units and motorcycle officers were visible in neighborhoods and on city streets, deployed to keep trick-or-treaters safe while curbing driving under the influence.

“It’s important that you safeguard your family this Halloween and think twice before drinking and driving,” Corso said. “A night of drinking and driving will definitely not end with a treat.”

Corso Law Group is an experienced team of legal professionals who have handled thousands of Arizona DUI cases. Founder Christopher Corso is a former Maricopa County prosecutor who can help with drunk driving cases as well as other criminal defense needs such as criminal speeding, CDL tickets, photo radar tickets, felony charges, drug possession, weapons possession, violent crimes and more.

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