Arizona DUI Attorney Christopher Corso Expects Heightened Police Activity in the Valley this Fourth of July

Arizona DUI attorney Christopher P. Corso and his team of DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group expect increased DUI checkpoints and DUI arrests this Fourth of July, the Scottsdale law firm announced today.

The Arizona attorney, who previously prosecuted DUIs for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, bases this prediction on the state’s aggressive DUI prosecution in recent years.

In 2014, 389 people were arrested in Arizona on suspicion of drunk driving over three days during the July 4th holiday weekend, ABC 15 reports. The number of arrests increased 27 percent from 2013 due to the large increase in police saturation points.

“A rise in police activity means that more officers are on the roads paying close attention to driver behavior,” Corso said. “Police know Phoenix residents will be out drinking on the Fourth, and they won’t tolerate intoxicated driving or any other traffic violation – even minor offenses.”

Thousands of law enforcement officials worked overtime in 2014 to form an expansive DUI task force that reached across the Valley with 2,237 participating officers and deputies, according to The Arizona Republic. That’s a 55 percent increase from the 1,445 participants in Arizona in 2013.

For many, celebrating Independence Day means backyard barbecues, ball games, fireworks and beer, which is consumed 40 percent more on the Fourth of July, according to Marketplace by American Public Media.

“It’s easy to get carried away and not realize just how much you’ve had to drink,” Corso said. “People get behind the wheel thinking they’re fine to drive, not realizing the harm they could cause to themselves and others.”

If the potentially deadly consequences of drinking and driving aren’t reason enough to plan ahead on the Fourth of July, Corso Law Group suggests considering the severe legal consequences of an Arizona DUI.

Arizona has some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the country, with at least 24 hours of required jail time for all offenders, even first time offenders, as well as high fines and license suspension.

“Understanding the physical and legal harm associated with drunk driving, and taking the initiative to never drive while under the influence is a preventative measure we all can take to stay safe,” Corso said.

Additionally, Corso recommends Arizona residents know important Arizona DUI rights such as the right to remain silent; only provide certain documents such as insurance, registration and identification; and refuse to submit to all field sobriety tests. Blood and alcohol tests are the only tests DUI suspects should agree to.

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