10 Steps to Choosing the Right Defense Attorney

To achieve the best possible outcome for a criminal case, hiring an experienced, aggressive defense attorney is essential.

No matter the offense, criminal law is complicated, and the appropriate lawyer is crucial for a successful case. The attorneys at Corso Law Group know this to be true, and offer this 10-step guide to choosing the right defense attorney.

1. Decide which type of attorney you need. This is important because attorneys work in a variety of fields and offer various levels of experience. If you need help with a DUI charge, for example, you need a skilled DUI lawyer, not a family or civil rights attorney, and especially not a public defender.

No matter the charge, the repercussions of a crime can impact your life and livelihood. Although you have the option to represent yourself or settle for a public defender, neither of those are good choices if you want to protect your rights and your future.

An aggressive criminal defense attorney with specialized experience can make a world of difference for your criminal case.

2. Understand what an attorney does. Once you decide which type of lawyer you need for your case, learn about what that specific type of attorney does, understand the services they provide and the areas of defense in which their practice focuses.  

For instance, some of the responsibilities of a DUI defense attorney include helping you decide how to plea, creating a strategic legal plan, gathering and sorting through evidence to help your case and representing you in court.

3. Know the possible outcomes of your criminal case and how an attorney can help. Criminal law covers a vast range of offenses, including misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs, traffic violations and domestic violence, to name a few. All of these charges involve different laws and can lead to different outcomes in court.

A good defense attorney should be able to go over possible outcome of your specific case with you, and discuss plea bargains, how trial works and what happens if you’re found guilty or not guilty.

At Corso Law Group, our attorneys offer guidance, expert advice and sound representation to our clients during every phase of a criminal case, keeping each person well informed and involved in their case.

4. Do your research. If you’re facing potential criminal charges, you need the best possible representation. Don’t settle for just any attorney, and research viable options for your case.

Look at professional accreditation sites, like the Better Business Bureau to review trusted firms in your area.

5. Read specific client reviews. If the firm has client testimonials on their website, these reviews can offer helpful insight into how the attorney you’re considering has interacted with other clients throughout the legal process.

Here is an example of a helpful review from Corso Law Group:

The Best Lawyer in Town. I used this law firm and had a great experience. Great guys, owner stayed late and met with me when I hired. Took the time to explain. A real motivating group, they work hard at what they do. My attorney sat with me for over an hour. No consultation fee at all. Definitely keeping this phone number on my favorites. Thanks for all the hard work. Case Dismissed.” – Sandra R., Peoria, Arizona

6. Stay local. Specific laws and regulations can vary throughout the state, so finding an attorney who works in the area where your case is pending can make a difference as they have experience with that court’s procedures and personnel.

Christopher Corso has previous experience with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and other prosecutorial agencies, giving him invaluable knowledge of all side of a criminal case and first-hand experience with multiple aspects of Arizona’s court systems. With this specific knowledge and experience regarding criminal law, he’s able to vigorously defend clients and the range of criminal cases that come his way.  

7. Look for relevant specialties. A criminal defense attorney may work with a variety of criminal charges and specialize in specific areas.

Attorneys at Corso Law Group handle all types of criminal cases, and specialize in Arizona DUIs, photo radar tickets and more.

8. Prioritize experience. Your attorney should have extensive experience representing others who were charged with the same or similar offense as you.

Potential Corso Law Group clients needing a DUI attorney, for example, can see how many Arizona DUI cases have been handled and their results on the firm’s website.

9. Set up a consultation. Meeting in person will allow you to discuss your situation, get to know the attorney, better understand their services, determine who would be involved in your case and find out about cost.

Attorneys at Corso Law Group know how important the initial consultation is, and use this time to hear each client’s side of the story.

10. Match your values. After the initial consultation, decide if you and the attorney are a good match. Your lawyer should do their best to make you feel comfortable, show a genuine interest in wanting to help with your case and keep you closely involved.

Something that sets Corso Law Group apart from other firms is that our attorneys value each client as a person, not just a case. We make an effort to give each client and their families the respect and professional representation they deserve.

The team of skilled criminal defense attorneys at Corso Law Group are experienced in handling everything from DUI defense to felony cases, and we work tirelessly to defend the rights of our clients. Call today to schedule a free consultation (480) 471-4616.

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