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New Transportation Regulations Lead to Continued Changes in Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is changing how its drivers record their hours for the first time in a long time with a newly implemented government rule announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, established to help truck drivers combat fatigue. In the past, truck drivers have been required to keep a paper log of their hours, but the new electronic logging device rule (ELD) is set to change everything. The electronic logging device is designed to record the driver’s time

Reducing Sentences Leads to Possible Criminal Defense Changes

Reducing sentences has been a common topic lately in the United States. Recently, a judge rethought a sentence that had a profound impact on an inmate named Francois Holloway. Holloway was released from prison three years earlier than expected thanks to U.S. District Judge John Gleeson in Brooklyn, New York. Although federal trial judges don’t commonly possess extraordinary power when it comes to sentencing decisions as prosecutors rely on set in stone minimum punishment laws, typically new evidence or excessive

Arizona’s Civil Forfeiture Laws Receive Poor Grade

Arizona’s civil forfeiture laws rank as some of the worst in the country, with a D- rating from Policing for Profit, a national report card grading these laws in every state by The Institute for Justice. What is Civil Forfeiture? If police believe that a person’s property could be linked to criminal activity, they can seize the assets in question to use as evidence during a trial. These laws are considered controversial because even if no one is charged or

Violent Crimes on Game Day: Are Football Games Dangerous?

How safe is it to be a fan at a football game? With emotions running high due to team loyalties, tense rivalries and alcohol consumption before and during the game, what seems like a fun sporting event can end in serious legal trouble. Recently, three San Francisco 49ers fans were charged with felony assault for brutally beating a Minnesota Vikings fan after a Monday night game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. In 2014, Arizona police arrested two men on

Paradise Valley Drone Ordinance on Par with New FAA Regulations

Soon after Paradise Valley passed a drone ordinance of its own, the first of its kind in the Valley, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced new regulations for drone owners, and now council members in Phoenix are weighing drone restrictions for the city. Residents of Paradise Valley are allowed to use drones privately on their own property without restrictions, but are not allowed to use the devices on private property without permission. Those who do so could be charged with

Defense Attorneys Challenge TrueAllele DNA Interpretation Software

Defense attorneys around the nation are questioning the legitimacy of the DNA interpretation software, TrueAllele, which is used by law enforcement in at least six states to assist in separating and identifying DNA evidence. Attorneys are interested in how TrueAllele’s software works to ensure that clients aren’t wrongfully linked to crimes based on the system’s interpretation of their DNA. According to DNA experts, DNA from multiple people can intermix on anything including gun grips, clothing and victims, The Wall Street

Scottsdale DUI Attorneys Warn of Heightened DUI Patrols on New Year’s Eve

Phoenix – Veteran Scottsdale DUI attorney and founder of Corso Law Group, Christopher Corso, says Valley residents will be under extra scrutiny during Arizona’s DUI crackdown this New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Police are increasing saturation patrols in Phoenix, the East Valley and the West Valley throughout the holiday weekend and New Year’s Day, according to a statement by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The program is tasked with lowering the number of intoxicated drivers on the

Christopher Corso Discusses What It Takes to Be a Successful Leader

Recently, I was interviewed by TruPath, an executive search firm, as part of their company’s “Executive Interview Series”. They asked me a range of questions where I opened up about the culture at Corso Law Group, highlights and hardships in my career and my leadership philosophy that’s helped bring Corso Law Group and our clients to where we are today. Take a look: What’s most exciting to you at this point in your career? After nearly 10 years in

Christopher Corso Featured in US Daily Review for “Watch Out for Blackout Wednesday” Interview

Arizona DUI lawyer Christopher Corso discussed “Blackout Wednesday”, the evening before Thanksgiving day, and the shocking drunk driving statistics which accompany the holiday with Price of Business host, Kevin Price. According to U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 91 percent of travel will take place by personal vehicle over Thanksgiving, one reason why “Blackout Wednesday”, or commonly referred to as “Drinksgiving”, is a very dangerous time to drive. According to MADD, 40 percent of highway deaths in the U.S. are caused by

Christopher Corso Featured in The Huffington Post for Blackout Wednesday

Arizona DUI lawyer Christopher Corso was featured in The Huffington Post during Thanksgiving to comment on the social phenomenon known as “Blackout Wednesday.” Drunk driving accidents increase by 30 percent during the four-day period spanning Thanksgiving Eve through the following Sunday, MADD reports. In fact, Thanksgiving Eve is a particularly dangerous time to drive and is commonly referred to as “Blackout Wednesday” or “Drinksgiving.” “There’s no getting around the fact people are drinking way too much over the Thanksgiving holiday,”
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