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What Is Premeditation in a Criminal Defense Case?

Premeditation is a key concept in criminal law – particularly in homicide cases. Whether or not a crime was premeditated is a critical factor in determining the degree of the offense and the penalties imposed against the defendant upon conviction. Understanding the role of premeditation in your criminal defense case can help you learn what to expect from the process ahead. What Is the Legal Definition of Premeditation? According to Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-1101 – definitions for the state’s

The Difference Between Manslaughter and Negligent Homicide

If you are facing criminal charges for allegedly being responsible for the death of another person, it is critical to understand the nuances of Arizona’s homicide laws. The distinction between manslaughter and negligent homicide, for example, can make an enormous difference to the potential penalties and consequences associated with a conviction.  What Is Manslaughter?  Under Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) Section 13-1103, manslaughter means to recklessly cause the death of another person. Unlike a murder charge, manslaughter does not require proof

The Impact of a Criminal Traffic Ticket on Your Driving Record and Insurance Rates

given to drivers who commit serious moving violations, such as drunk or reckless driving. Getting a criminal traffic ticket can negatively affect your driving record by assessing points to your driver’s license. It may also result in higher insurance rates. Arizona’s Points Assessment System  Arizona uses a point system to encourage safe driving practices. Under this system, a driver can receive a certain number of points assessed against his or her permanent driving record upon being convicted of a traffic

The Consequences of a Reckless Driving Conviction: Fines, Points and License Suspension

Reckless driving is a dangerous driving behavior that lawmakers in Arizona wish to discourage by imposing harsh fines and penalties against perpetrators. If you are convicted of a reckless driving charge in Arizona, you could face consequences such as fines, points against your driving record and driver’s license suspension. You may also be at risk of insurance increases, a permanent criminal record and potential jail time, depending on the circumstances. What Is Arizona’s Definition of Reckless Driving? Under Arizona Revised

Understanding the Different Types of Criminal Traffic Offenses

As a driver in Arizona, you have a responsibility to obey all traffic laws and roadway rules that apply to you. While you may know that you can get pulled over and be written a ticket for a traffic offense, you may not realize that certain traffic violations can lead to arrests and criminal charges being brought against you. Understanding the different types of criminal traffic offenses in Arizona can help you stay on the right side of the law.

The Difference Between Criminal and Noncriminal Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses in Arizona can be classified as criminal or noncriminal. The distinction will depend on the nature and severity of the offense, such as if it endangered lives. In Arizona, criminal traffic offenses are frequently penalized harshly to discourage repeat offenders. Whether you are facing criminal charges or a noncriminal traffic ticket for an offense in Arizona, the attorneys at Corso Law Group can help. Criminal vs. Noncriminal Traffic Offenses in Arizona  A driver could face a noncriminal moving

How to Challenge a License Suspension in Arizona

Your driver’s license may get suspended for many reasons in Arizona. A suspended license means you will not be allowed to operate your motor vehicle for a period of time. This could interfere with your job, responsibilities as a parent and many other aspects of life. It might be possible to challenge a suspended license and restore your driving privileges, depending on the circumstances. For assistance with an appeal hearing, contact an attorney at Corso Law Group. Why Might Your

License Suspension Timeframes By Crime in Arizona

Criminal convictions in Arizona can come with numerous consequences, one of which could be having your driver’s license suspended. Taking away a defendant’s driving privileges is a common way for the courts to penalize certain crimes. It is also a method used by the Motor Vehicle Department to exact administrative penalties against a driver for certain moving violations. The length of time your driver’s license will be suspended depends on the offense. How Long Will Your License Be Suspended? Driver’s

Understanding MVD Hearings for License Suspensions

If you receive a notice that your driver’s license is going to be suspended, you may have the opportunity to request a hearing with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) to fight against the suspension. The most common circumstance for this type of hearing is a license suspension under Arizona’s implied consent law in a driving under the influence (DUI) case. DUI and Implied Consent License Suspensions If you are pulled over in Arizona and accused of driving under the

The Consequences of Driving on a Suspended License

In Arizona, a driver could face a criminal and/or administrative suspension of his or her driver’s license for numerous reasons. Driving on a suspended license is against the law. If a driver gets caught operating a vehicle with a suspended, revoked or canceled license, he or she could be penalized. This can include jail time, in some circumstances. Why Might a Driver’s License Get Suspended in Arizona? The law in Arizona provides many opportunities for the criminal courts as well
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