Head Back to School the Safe Way

It’s that time of year again. Summer is over, and it’s time to start packing up the kids for the new school year. A feeling of worry always seems to accompany sending young children back to school, especially as those kids become more independent. Is there a way to put these worries at ease? In the technological world we live in today, there is.

A variety of applications are available for smartphones specifically designed to help parents keep their children safer. Below is a list of popular child safety apps, and how they can keep your family safe.


MamaBear Sample Screen

This app is designed to help keep your child safe online. MamaBear provides parents with access to their child’s Facebook feed, and sends alerts if there are signs of bullying and inappropriate language. It also monitors their check-ins and tagged photos. Offline, parents will receive alerts when their child leaves a location, when they need to be picked up or when they need a parent in an emergency situation.

Norton Safety Minder

This app is designed to monitor a child’s electronic activity and their smartphone habits. The child-safety app can be downloaded to a child’s smartphone or Kindle Fire device. Parents can view the websites kids visit, block the sites they access, see who and what your kids are texting and what apps they install.

Near Parent

Near Parent allows parents to care for their children through a social network of people they trust. Children can check in and the app will let parents know that everything is okay. If a child is in need of help, a request is sent to a community of trusted adults chosen by the parent. With MyZones, parents can define safe areas for their children with a set timeframe of when their child should be in a specific area. There is also an option to set up weather warnings in order to receive notifications for various kinds of weather events such as floods, heat and earthquakes.


Hero keeps both parents and children safe by spreading vital information such as abductions, robberies and car accidents quickly. Users can stream video, audio and GPS coordinates to their social network contacts and all other app users within a five-mile radius, providing details that can aid in locating a missing child or a potential suspect.

Sending children back to school doesn’t have to cause a parent to worry. Peace of mind is only a download away.

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